The tears I cry
Are not a lie
The heart that feels
Will never heal
The way I miss you
Heartache I feel
For you are never close
Never here.
To fall in love
With a Man like you
Is heart wrenching when
I talk to you.
The distance apart
The longing heart
The tears I shed
For the hearts that bled.
This pain I endure for you my dear
This love I feel when you are near.
Is like no other that’s the truth
So please don’t break me
Don’t make cry.
Please don’t leave
Don’t say goodbye.
You’re all I want, all I know
My missing piece to my broken soul.
I cry tears of happiness
Tears of joy.
Tears of loneliness and than I sigh.
I miss you dearly more than you’ll know.
This is crazy this love that grows.
To fast to soon but in the end.
I want only you my love my friend.
Now & Always,  I hope we stay
Together as one until our dying days.
So please don’t leave me,
Don’t go away.
Please tell my you love me
That you feel the same way.
Please please please my love Stay!