The tears I cry
Are not a lie
The heart that feels
Will never heal
The way I miss you
Heartache I feel
For you are never close
Never here.
To fall in love
With a Man like you
Is heart wrenching when
I talk to you.
The distance apart
The longing heart
The tears I shed
For the hearts that bled.
This pain I endure for you my dear
This love I feel when you are near.
Is like no other that’s the truth
So please don’t break me
Don’t make cry.
Please don’t leave
Don’t say goodbye.
You’re all I want, all I know
My missing piece to my broken soul.
I cry tears of happiness
Tears of joy.
Tears of loneliness and than I sigh.
I miss you dearly more than you’ll know.
This is crazy this love that grows.
To fast to soon but in the end.
I want only you my love my friend.
Now & Always,  I hope we stay
Together as one until our dying days.
So please don’t leave me,
Don’t go away.
Please tell my you love me
That you feel the same way.
Please please please my love Stay!



When you find that one person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the one who you are meant to be with, than hold on; don’t let go. Even when things get unbearable, because if it was meant to be, if you both really want it to work than it will. Life & love isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s going to be hard at times, and your job is to hold on and get through it. Never let go! Never give up! Because in the end, you’ll see it was worth it. ~P


Summer skies the winters dew, the memories I think of you. The way you smile your, silly laugh,  our memories go quiet and fast. The friend you are the love you give, the hearts that are  broken over again. Truth will come and set you free to enjoy these everlasting memories


Danger! Danger!
It screams at me;
Closer! Closer!
You gotta see;
The joy I see, The Spring
When the sound of your melody.
Peace and happiness,
So much to life,
Get up! Get up!
Get out of bed,
Get. up! Get up!
You lazy head!
We are here
We the three!
To bring happiness
And set you free!
We are we the Musketeers!
So be happy! Don’t frown
For we’re around.


Bats do fly as the moon doth rise
Your eyes as light as an oceans sky
Love so pure a heart so full
Sunlight shines when your smile shows
As does beauty when the snow falls

Hold on

Hold on while I go put on my happy face, so I can show the world how to tell a lie;
Hold on! Just a sec, I’ll put on my make up & hide my tears, so nobody sees the pain that I have each day;
Hold on now! Just wait!  Gotta put up my guard & put that sparkle in my eyes, show off my smile & continue the lies.
See! Do you see! Now I’m just happy go lucky me! Nothings going on under this mask on my face! No lies to tell just a happy time & place.
No tears to shed, no screams to let lose, no emotions here other than Happiness & truth!
Hold on now, just wait, just wait! While I talk & stand tall & put on my happy face. Copyrighted Pilar Rudy 2014


You told me that you didn’t want to lose me as a friend but do you realize that you lost me that day?
You lost me in the end;
You’ve said you didn’t want me to move away do you realize that I’m gone like yesterday?
I’m not here, just a figment of your imagination
I told you I couldn’t go backwards that if we did I couldn’t stay
I’m just a daydream of what was
Of what used to be
I’m gone like the wind after it blows the leaves in the trees
The memories of me are just that
Memories of the past
Of what once was,
Im not coming back;
I am gone, I am gone
Don’t you see?
There was no fight
No love to keep me.
I am gone just let it go
I am gone like winters soul.
You gave me no choice
But to go but to go
So Goodbye my love
I’m letting you go.
☆Pillar Rudy 14’☆