You told me that you didn’t want to lose me as a friend but do you realize that you lost me that day?
You lost me in the end;
You’ve said you didn’t want me to move away do you realize that I’m gone like yesterday?
I’m not here, just a figment of your imagination
I told you I couldn’t go backwards that if we did I couldn’t stay
I’m just a daydream of what was
Of what used to be
I’m gone like the wind after it blows the leaves in the trees
The memories of me are just that
Memories of the past
Of what once was,
Im not coming back;
I am gone, I am gone
Don’t you see?
There was no fight
No love to keep me.
I am gone just let it go
I am gone like winters soul.
You gave me no choice
But to go but to go
So Goodbye my love
I’m letting you go.
☆Pillar Rudy 14’☆


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