You will always be oblivious to the pain I feel

The heartbreak I have when I think about you

The tears I cry that freeze

The sorrow, love, hate and jealousy I have

I am numb inside my heart has broke at least a thousand times

But this is the worst pain, I never thought I would feel so empty so lost

The rules were broken and now I pay

Do you understand the strength it takes;

To be your friend and hurt inside

To love so much that your numb?

Do you care that I am in pain?

You are far to Oblivious.

You don’t get it, you don’t see

The pain the hurt the tears that come with me

I try to tell you but you don’t listen,

Will you even care if I disappear?

If I vanish into a thick black smoke?

If I vanish into thin air?

I’m trying to fix this

I don’t think I can be that strong

To just let things alone, to just let things be.

Did your heart break when she lied to you?

When she told you she’d loved you?

Did your heart break into pieces to know

That she was just playing games

That you were just a pawn?

Did you cry yourself to sleep at night?

Did you cry through the day when you tried to hide?

I hope it hurt like hell,

Do you think about her often?

If so I hope your heart breaks again and again

I hate you for this, I hate me for hating you

But most of all I hate me for loving you

For giving you the power over me to feel

I want to forget, to make it go away

I want to just lie here alone and cry

Cry til I die, Cry til I laugh, Cry til I lie

Cry til I don’t feel anymore

Til I am completely numb

Til I hate you, Til I can’t think, Til I learn to forgive

I just want to be as oblivious as you are to me

Enough that I can disappear that I no longer can dream.

Oblivious that I can no longer feel. DSC_0134


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