The Other

As she sits and waits she thinks about the old times, the times when everything was so simple. You could go about the day and not have to worry about much, dinner was on the table, you had your friends, it was nice outside. Now, things are so hard, you can’t have friends that are males without being a whore, you can’t be a male and have female friends without someone thinking they are sleeping with them and you can’t Love without getting hurt. The times today aren’t as different as we think from 100 years from now. Men still go to bars to get drunk, they go places to get fucked because their wives most the time are to busy being lazy or not into their husbands anymore that the man has to seek out another. Or the man just wants to feel loved and wanted for even a split second because their lives are in shambles and they aren’t in love wit their wives anymore. The same goes for the wives though. All in all, everything seems to revolve around wanting more than they have or being loved for who they are and not what they have. You would be surprised what the simplest of things can do for a person. The simplest words can either tear a person down or bring their spirits up. Some people though, are torn down at the time their spirits are being brought up because in some circumstances, one person always falls for another. It might not be the first time or the first person or even the second or third, but eventually it does happen. Some are so tired of being the “Other person” though that they stop it for awhile just to begin again because it might be the only way they know they can be with the person they love even though that person doesn’t love them. These games have gone on for Centuries and will continue to go on til the end of time because that is happens. Not every person is like this, No, but a lot are and a lot refuse to admit to it. Most want that “Happy Perfect Life”, well there is no perfect life and most people are miserable and refuse to actually admit it and than when someone or something comes in that is strange or unusual or just tacky or slutty in someone else’s mind they dismiss it and make up names for everything and criticize things. This is the world we are brought into and the world we leave behind. Some people don’t want to see it and refuse to see it because they are blind-sighted by things but I think people need to open their eyes and face reality in most cases. If your husband doesn’t want you than don’t act like everything is all happy go lucky because more than you want to know he is probably fucking some other woman, and men, if your wife is unhappy and doesn’t want to be with you than more likely she is fucking someone else also. We are animals, we eat, we play, we shit, we pee, we clean and we survive and sexual needs are part of surviving. Some are tired of being the other person and want more, some don’tImage want to give the other more and some fall for those who they can not have making this as difficult as before. Either way, the moral of the story is–We are all FUCKED in the end one way or the other whether you are “The Other” or not. Learn to live and move on because you’re only going to get hurt in the end if you don’t. She is tired of being the Other, but she loves him to much to let him go even if it makes her miserable so she waits, waits til he comes even if it takes forever.


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